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Our non-profit is official!  We’ve already been doing a number of things behind the scenes but now we can really take the next step to better serve our Veterans and community.  We are looking to purchase our own property so we can provide and enhance services that we can’t at our current location.  A larger facility with better and new equipment would allow us to build a Veteran retreat and rescue more animals. 

Donations would go towards creating a Veteran and Service Member area on the property so we can assist those who seek help transitioning in civilian life.  Our plan is to build several cabins for them to stay in so they can work with dogs and animals in camaraderie and a team environment, as well as launch a dog boarding program for any military personnel that needs lodging for their dog while they’re deployed or relocating.  

Donations would also allow us to expand our close work with Best Friends Animal Society and other local non-kill shelters. We would rescue these dogs and bring them to our facility for training and preparation in finding their forever homes.  We aim to help owners with special circumstances who may need to part ways their dog.  We know how important it is to rescue, for all of our dogs, a llama and sheep were rescued from slaughter.  Our goal at Bruised But Not Broken is to create a paradise for our Service Members and animals of any age.   

Any donation is greatly appreciated. We’ve created a PayPal account to accept online donations.
We thank you for your continued support.

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​& Bruised But Not Broken

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​​Bruised But Not Broken

​​& Bruised But Not Broken