Training & Daycare

Daycare ...........................................$25/day

Daycare & Train ...............................$40/day​​

For specific service inquires, please email us at:

No additional charge for administering medication, dietary restrictions, or special meals/feeding schedules.


Resting Areas

Owners are responsible for providing valid and up to date shot records​ and their dog's collar with ID tags. We have everything else they'll need for their visit!

What To Bring

*All prices are per dog, per day*

Services, Sports & Activities

​​​​​​​​​We are open Monday - Sunday, by appointment only.

Daycare: Drop off 8am - 10am, Pickup 4pm - 6pm

Sheep Herding: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 8am -11:30am

We are closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas.

To schedule appointments/services please send an email to:

Because we are a small business there may be times when we are training outside the property or working with dogs and may need to lock the facility during posted business hours.  For your safety please DO NOT enter the premises until instructed by a Dusty Trails employee.

We kindly ask you to make an appointment so we can schedule our days accordingly. Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. We respect your time and hope you will do the same, we want to give everyone ​our full attention and a great experience while they're here. 

​​​Your dog(s) will be assessed by a trainer before any dog training is agreed upon.  The owner will sign a service agreement for any program(s) agreed upon between Dusty Trails and the owner.

*Due to high volume and limited availability, please try to contact us 1 week prior to scheduling services and 1 month prior during the summer months*

*We are open by appointment only*

Daycare: Drop off hours 8am - 10am, Pickup hours 4pm - 6pm

Sheep herding: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 8am -11:30am

We're open 7 days a week.  We're closed on Thanksgiving & Christmas

​​& Bruised But Not Broken

​& Bruised But Not Broken

​​Dog Training, Daycare & Sports

When your dog's here a human is always home.  All play and training areas are fenced in, no dog is ever left unattended. We'll never put dogs together that don't belong together, it's always a happy and fun environment.  All resting areas have heating and A/C with plush beds, blankets and toys with views of the mountains, orchards, and nature.  

Get a head start... click the button below to download our contract.  You can fill it out at home and bring it to us when you visit the ranch.

572 Ojai Street

Fillmore, CA  93015​

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Because our outdoor play areas are comprised on 'natural yards' we occasionally get the 'natural pests.' We spray our yards, treat our pets and check all pups upon arrival and departure.  We still strongly encourage owners to stay current on their pup's flea and tick prevention. 

​& Bruised But Not Broken

Sheep Herding

We do this activity early as it can get warm out here.... safer for the pups & the sheep.

Instinct Test .................................. $50 (1st visit)

One run, 5-15 minutes depending on your dog to test their drive

Herding session ............................. $40/visit​

Two 10-15 minute runs depending on your dogs drive and stamina

Luring Course

We need to do one more trial run, then we're ready to go!


When your pup's with us they'll get to enjoy the following fun activities*

*Training and Daycare prices include the following activities.

Activities are weather permitting and what's best suited for your pup(s).

Sheep Herding, Luring Course, Agility​​

Scent Work, ​Search & Rescue, Treadmill Training

Pet Massage, Beach Days

Pack Walks​, Llama Walks & so much more!​